Spanish translation of Made with Creative Commons! Our CC Chapter presentation at FIL Mineria

Posted on lun 24 febrero 2020 in blog • Tagged with Creative Commons, Creative Commons Mexico, book, evento, presentation • 1 min read

Published in 2016, the book Made with Creative Commons by English speakers Paul Stacey and Sarah Hinchliff Pearson presented a set of success stories in the use of these famous permissive licenses. A coordinated effort leaded by Gunnar Wolf, Creative Commons Mexico Chapter and the fabulous National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), we just presented an Spanish version of the book today.

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Premiere of Julián Hernández’ Rencor tatuado. (Arturo Villela’s music I recorded)

Posted on sáb 15 febrero 2020 in blog • Tagged with mexican cinema, music for film, recordings, audio • 1 min read

Rencor tatuado (Mexico, 2018) premiered for crew and friends on February 11th 2020 at Cineteca Nacional. Listen to the piano part I recorded for Arturo Villela’s original score and don’t miss the film. That was a wonderful night for a great film, with a painful and extremely up-to-date plot condemning gender violence, of that feminicide country of mine.

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A little tech stuff here

Posted on jue 16 enero 2020 in blog • Tagged with website, sysadmin, coding • 2 min read

Some tech notes about this website, constantly developed.

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