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What will you find here

  • My constantly updated BIO.
  • My silent film music career announcements, dates and events.
  • My free software / free culture activism work.
  • Links to music and other works I have published.
  • My Creative Commons licensed works of course.
  • The “(No) Director’s blog” (whose first post is probably what you are reading).

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  • You can subscribe to the ATOM or RSS feeds at the upper menu with your feed reading software. (My FAV!) Download a nice free software news aggregator for your device, at your Android APP store1, or get one from this list for your computer. If you own an Apple device there should be many nice ways to do feed-reading, though, you are in trouble3.

  • Follow me at Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook etc. accounts. I do publish website notifications about this website highlights.

José María Serralde Ruiz, plays for THE GENERAL. Photo, courtesy of FIC Silente, by Julio César Quiterío (2017)

What happened to other subdomains at

  • is still there but brain-dead. Some really old posts are available at its now parked version, sonoblog (2004-2015).

  •, contained relevant interviews I did to participants at the Know-How 2006 feminist-tech event in Mexico. That will be soon recovered. You may get an idea of what it was at the Wayback Machine.

  • was deleted. May rebirth from its ars… er… ashes anytime soon. images at a DuckDuckGo search

Anything else should have vanished in a “cloud of moths” (that’s a quote, Scriabin’s own).

Now, let us press PLAY!

  1. If using an Android device, install and use the F-Droid APP instead of Google Play to get your software; this may limit your APP choices but filter any privacy unaware or socially irresponsible software. 

  2. You can also use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) such as Feedly, famous for integrating with Gmail among others. Though, those are all SaaS and your preferences and reading habits will be stored in someone elses computer. 

  3. Apple policies are not free-software friendly. It disallows its installation at their mobile devices, and don’t promote it at their computers. If you felt awkward after reading this last, you can read more about this. You may think about dismissing the use of Apple software or devices… not easy. They have generated terrible tech-dependencies, market obscurity and inhumane social practices. Let’s write about this later.